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L.A. Vapes opened in 2014 as the second vapor shop in Bay Minette. Through dedication, hard work, and great customer service, L.A. Vapes has survived to become the only vapor shop located in North Baldwin County.

Since opening in 2014, L.A. Vapes has kept up with the technology improvements in vaping. We strive to provide top notch equipment and continuously update inventory with newer and newer items.

L.A. Vapes has a wide selection of E-Liquids available from many brands. We are slowly and surely expanding our juice lines to encompass every corner or every flavor profile imaginable.  Check often to see what new flavors we may have in stock!

L.A. Vapes takes pride in maintaining a clean facility. We don't like our store to be dirty or unorganized, we are positive you feel the same. We have clean counters, chairs, floors, and shelves. We keep our air clean and the environment family friendly if you're not shopping alone. We also have a vending machine and water dispenser for your convenience.

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