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Welcome to L.A. Vapes

L.A. Vapes is the premier, one stop shop for all of your vaping needs. Conveniently located next to the Rec Center in Bay Minette on Hwy 59. L.A. Vapes is currently the only vapor shop in Bay Minette and surrounding areas until you head farther south in Baldwin county. We serve all local customers and those passing through for work or vacation.

Here on the website you will find an overview of what's in stock, a little information about L.A. Vapes & crew, how to contact L.A. Vapes, store location & hours of operation. Due to the overwhelmingly fast rate at which equipment and e-liquids move through the shop, it is near impossible to list every single item carried and when it is in stock. You will find a list & pictures of what is normally in stock every day, please send a contact form or stop by to find something specific that may not be listed online.

The crew at L.A. Vapes takes pride in providing the best possible service for any vaping related items, issues, or needs. Every person that walks in the door is greeted with a hello, given undivided attention, and expertly served. We strive to make sure every person that walks into L.A. Vapes, leaves happy. We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied.

We do our best to provide a clean & inviting facility. A clean storefront, clean counters, and clean carpets. Our products are displayed neatly and in easy view. There is a soda machine and water dispenser inside for cold drinks. Our store is neatly and efficiently organized to make it easier to shop.

What we value most at L.A. Vapes is you, the customer. Without you, we wouldn't be us. It is our job to provide you with the best service possible. When our customers are happy, it makes business great. Prompt service with a smile, in a clean well organized store, competitive prices, and wide selection of items; that is what makes the L.A. Vapes experience great!

Located in the shopping center, directly behind United Bank on Hwy 59.

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